Royalty Free Stock Communication Clipart by Djart

  1. Western Cowboy Talking on a Cellphone on Horseback
  2. Wooden Roll Top Desk with Papers and an Ink Bottle
  3. Short and Stubby Yellow Number 2 School Pencil with an Eraser
  4. Religious Christian Man Saying a Prayer
  5. Caucasian Man and Woman Talking on Cellphones
  6. Woman Talking on a Cellphone and Gesturing
  7. Female Customer Service Representative Talking on Phone and Typing on the Computer
  8. Overweight Couch Potato Man Talking on a Telephone
  9. Business Man Talking on a Cellphone and Waving Hello to Someone
  10. Male Cop in Uniform, Talking on a Two Way Radio
  11. Businessman Talking on a Cellphone While Gesturing
  12. Friendly Young Caucasian Businessman Using a Smart Phone to Check His Email
  13. Mad Woman in Pink, Cutting the Cord to Her Landline Phone
  14. Human-like Cow with Horns Talking on a Cellphone
  15. Relaxing Santa Talking on a Phone While Sitting in a Reclined Chair
  16. White Male Worker Talking on a Radio
  17. White Male Worker Pointing Left and Talking on a Cell Phone
  18. Lineart Worker Pointing Left and Talking on a Cell Phone